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PostSubject: Kinship Rules-IMPORTANT PLEASE READ!   Sun May 11, 2008 4:06 pm

Read the rules carefully!

If you become a member of our kinship you agree that:

-You will be an active player,and if you don't login for more than 30 days you will be kicked out of the kinship.(if you will go on vacation or for some other reason you will not be active for more than 30 days please post in forum or mail one of the officers in our kinship to let them know)

-You will pay a small amount of silver when the time comes to buy or keep up the house of our kinship

-You will: be friendly,help your kinmates if they need you,not swear for any reason!

-You will mail one of the officers of the kinship if a kinmate offended you in any way,and the officer will inform the leader

-You will respect our kinship,it's leader,it's officers and it's members

When darkness falls...We are reborn!

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